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Film Island Dressing 10 x 12cm (20pcs)

Film Island Dressing 10 x 12cm (20pcs)


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Winner's Film Island Sterile Dressing with Pad (10 x 12cm) is a premium wound care option made from semi-permeable polyurethane film, providing a protective barrier. Its hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive ensures secure attachment, while the absorbent pad enhances comfort. Effectively absorb exudates, protect wound. It is suitable for fixing indwelling needles, catheters, medical dressings, and so on. Convenient to use and is suitable for joints and other parts of the body.
Specifications: 10 x 12cm, Sterile. Individually packed. Ensures effective healing while providing a barrier against contamination.

Pack Size: 20pieces/box, 20boxes/carton

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