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Cosmo Med's Nitrile Exam Glove (Size: S, M, L)

Cosmo Med's Nitrile Exam Glove (Size: S, M, L)


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This high-quality Nitrile glove prioritizes durability, strength, and comfort. Its robust construction withstands chemicals and protect wearers against microbes, ideal for medical exams, lab work, and food prepraration. The thin material provides elasticity, sensitivity, and a snug fit making it feel like a second skin. This glove meets both European and American safety standards. 

Manufactured in the highest required quality of AQL 1.5 Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), it ensures reliability across applications.
Specifications: Powered Free, Latex free, ambidextrous. Suitable for both medical and non-medical environments. Comes in size XS, S, M, L

Pack Size: 100pieces/box, 10boxes/carton

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