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Transparent Film Dressing With Notch 6 x 7cm

Transparent Film Dressing With Notch 6 x 7cm


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Winner's Transparent Film Dressing with Notch (6 x 7cm) is crafted with semi-permeable polyurethane film, this dressing is transparent, breathable, strong ductility, can be used for flexible joint parts. The application is firm and no residual glue when peeling, minimizing discomfort for patients. Ideally designed for catheter fixation. Also, can be used as a second dressings over alginates, wounds pads, gauzes and other primary dressings while the notch design enhances convenience.
Specifications: 6 x 7cm. Made from transparent semi-permeable polyurethane film. Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Sterile &individually packed

Pack Size: 100pieces/box, 20boxes/carton

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